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For nearly 40 years, the Professional Opticians of Florida (POF) has been dedicated to enhancing the competency of opticians, advancing the profession of opticianry, working to resolve the governmental policy issues affecting opticianry and to protecting the health and welfare of the public.

Exciting New Partnership

Professional Opticians of Florida wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2024. We are excited to announce that Governor Ron DeSantis responded to our request and declared January as National Opticians Month in Florida!

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Legislative Update

A Message From Your Lobbyist...

I am honored to represent the Professional Opticians of Florida as your lobbyist in Tallahassee. I’ve been involved in the Legislative process now for over 30 years. I served for nine years in the Florida House of Representatives and then 11 years in the Florida Senate, and, after the required two years of retirement from the Legislature, I’ve been back up in Tallahassee lobbying. I have other lobbyists when necessary to assist me.

Working the Legislature is a year-round task. It’s easier to find time to meet with legislators before Session and Committee Meetings than during it. Members and Officers of the POF make contributions to our Political Committee, and we participate in fundraisers for the Legislative Leadership of both chambers and both parties. I believe that the POF has had better direct contact with Legislative Leadership recently than in the past. They may not always agree with us, but at least they know who we are.

In the 2020 Legislative Session, bills were filed that would have “sunsetted” (deregulated) many professions, including opticianry. We were able to get promises from the bill sponsors that the language about opticians would be removed if they pursued the bills. Since that date, there have been no attempts to sunset the practice opticianry.

We have met with Legislators and the Executive Branch representatives, and, with the excellent assistance from your Executive Director, Dee Pace, have established good relations with both the Legislative and Executive branches. We’ve been able to influence the appointments to the Board of Opticianry.

As I write this document, there has been only 1 bill filed that affects F.S. 484. SB 858 by Senator Torres states that certain military veterans that have received training in the medical fields can be licensed in Florida by showing their proficiency and/or training. This includes LP or Registered nurses, paramedics, EMT’s, “Certain radiological personnel under Part IV of Chapter 468” or Opticians. I love it. I want us to be compared to those other licensed personnel.

I hope that POF members will continue to make political contributions to the Opticians for Better Vision Political Committee and will be available to write and email your legislators when we need your voices. I look forward to working with you again next year.

Steve Geller, Esq.

POF Lobbyist

Broward County Commissioner

Former Mayor, Broward County, FL

Former FL Senator

Geller Law Firm, PA

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The Professional Opticians of Florida was established in 1981 and has been associated with the Opticians Association of America (OAA) for many years. During this time, our members have had the opportunity to attend leadership conferences and various meetings that have helped them with management skills and leadership training. At these conferences we have been able to share ideas and have problem solving discussions.

As National issues impacting Opticians have arisen, it has been beneficial to have a National unified voice that can speak to these issues. We are proud to be members of the OAA and look forward to a strong relationship in the future.

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Professional Opticians of Florida is committed to continuing our proud tradition of offering only high-quality education with our “home study” courses that are hosted on pofCE.org.

Only top instructors in the optical profession were asked to research and write courses that are interesting and relevant to you. Each course has been reviewed by a panel of experts to ensure that all information is the most accurate and up-to-date.

All home study courses available on pofCE.org are approved by the Florida Board of Opticianry for the renewal of your Florida optician's license. Florida provider 50-1645.

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