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May 2020

As we make our way through this pandemic and the extreme challenges it has presented to all of us, I hope and pray that all of you and your loved ones are healthy. Please know that POF is always here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help in any way we can.

While the practice of Opticianry may look a bit different for the near-term, I firmly believe we will weather this storm and emerge together as a stronger profession. Our goal is to provide the information and resources needed to help protect all of our members, your staff, your co-workers, and your patients.

Rest assured that we will continue to provide all Florida Opticians with the highest level of continuing education available and that, as always, we work diligently to promote and enhance our profession.

Jerry W. Campbell, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC
Board Certified Optician


Useful Links:

The Vision Council - Sanitation Operating Assumptions

Marcolin Eyewear: Sanitizing Frames

CDC Reopening Guidance

OSHA: Safety & Health Topics - Control and Prevention

OSHA: Healthcare Workers and Employers

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Masks
  • Face Shields
  • Breath Shields
  • Disinfectant

PPE Products

Germicidal UV Sterilization Unit

Pupilometer Breath Shields

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Face Shield

Free Breath Shield

Disinfection Products


2020 Legislative Update

Friday, March 13th, 2020 marked the final adjournment of the 2020 Legislative Session, also known as, “Sine Die.” While House Bill 707 passed in its chamber, every effort was made to ensure that Senate Bill 1124 would not move forward without amending all healthcare professions from the bill. Opticians around the state and our allies in other states, sent over 10,000 emails to Florida Legislators stating their concerns. We are happy to report that both House Bill 707 and Senate Bill 1124 were indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration.

Professional Opticians of Florida would like to thank each and every Optician, patient, doctor, family member and friend who took the time to make a positive impact on Opticianry in Florida.

Professional Opticians of Florida will be reaching out soon with a plan to continue to protect Opticianry in the 2021 session with a local legislative outreach. Please continue to support Opticians for Better Vision, your Political Committee.

Congratulations on your victory!

Steve Geller, Esq.

Broward County Vice-Mayor

Former Florida Senator

Professional Opticians of Florida Lobbyist


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The Professional Opticians of Florida was established in 1982 and has been associated with the Opticians Association of America (OAA) for many years. During this time, our members have had the opportunity to attend leadership conferences and various meetings that have helped them with management skills and leadership training. At these conferences we have been able to share ideas and have problem solving discussions.

As National issues impacting Opticians have arisen, it has been beneficial to have a National unified voice that can speak to these issues. We are proud to be members of the OAA and look forward to a strong relationship in the future.

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