Online ABO/NCLE Exam Prep

Professional Opticians of Florida have partnered with WINK Productions to offer a new on-line program developed to review the fundamentals needed to assist you in the preparation for the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) and the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE) certification Examinations required for licensure in Florida. 

Each virtual lesson consists of full color interactive slides, audio with detailed  notes and a post lesson quiz. Each ABO and NCLE exam review program includes:  

  • Online access for 3 months to 5+ hours of high quality training, 
  • a 10 question quiz  at the end of each lesson to ensure that you understood the lesson, 
  • plus 100  practice exam sample questions.

The online lessons provided on this website are a review of the fundamentals needed to assist you prepare for the ABO and NCLE exams.

All 37 of these programs consist of slides, audio, speaker notes and a quiz. Turn up the volume on your computer, give the program a moment to load and simply sit back and listen to the lesson.   Would you like to view a sample of a complete online lesson and quiz?   

ABO and NCLE Review Lessons

ABO Review Topics Include:

      •  Measure Twice, Cut Once  (View Sample)
      • Frame Selection
      •  Lens Materials
      • Tints and Coating
      •  Sunwear
      •  Lifestyle Dispensing
      • Frame Adjustments
      • Lensometry
      •  The Math of Spectacle Lenses
      •  What An Optician Needs to Know about Prisms
      •  I Can't See Out of My New Glasses!
      •  Regulations and Regulators

NCLE Review Topics Include:

      • The Amazing Eyeball    (View Sample)
      • Terminology and Abbreviations
      • Building Block of Eye Care
      • The Math of Contact Lenses
      • Ocular Ouch
      • The Eye Exam
      • Contact Lens Basics
      • The Solution’s the Solution
      • Contact Lens Instrumentation
      • Soft Contact Lens Fitting
      • GP Contact Lens Fitting
      • Soft Toric Contact Lens Fitting
      • GP Toric Contact Lens Fitting
      • Soft Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting
      • Regulations and Regulators
Registration Fees for POF Members:

ABO modules – access for 3 months: $99

NCLE modules – access for 3 months: $99

ABO & NCLE package of both modules – access for 3 months: $157

Standard Registration Fees:

ABO modules – access for 3 months: $109

NCLE modules – access for 3 months: $109

ABO & NCLE package of both modules – access for 3 months: $177

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