Florida 's  ApprenticeSHIP  PROGRAM


Additional Educational Options Available to Florida Apprentice Opticians

Each of the following methods can be applied towards the 6,240 hours of training to complete the apprenticeship program.

a) Hours earned while under the supervision of the sponsor(s) that is on the premises during which all work produced is personally inspected and approved by a sponsor.

b) Time spent enrolled in opticianry courses at an accredited opticianry program may be substituted for apprenticeship time. Each credit hour earned shall count as 86.67 hours of apprenticeship time. One 3 credit class equals 260 hours of apprenticeship training. Online college programs are available.

c) Each approved CE hour counts as one hour of apprenticeship training. Proof of attendance must be submitted to the Board. 

One of the ways to become eligible for Florida licensure is the completion of the three-year Florida apprenticeship program.

To qualify to become an apprentice optician in Florida, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Submit a completed sponsor registration form to the Board of Opticianry
  • Submit a copy of high school diploma, transcript, or equivalency certificate

    Once qualified as an Apprentice Optician in Florida:

    • You will receive an approval letter from the board with your apprentice Optician number and starting date in the program.
    • Apprentice Opticians may perform opticianry tasks only under the direct supervision and physical presence of a licensed Optician, Ophthalmologist, or Optometrist licensed under the laws of this state. An optician must be licensed in this state for at least one year before providing supervision.
    • Within the first year of becoming an apprentice, you must attend a board-approved Apprentice/Sponsor Orientation Course. After attending the course, you must submit the original certificate of attendance to the Board.
    • An apprenticeship shall consist of 6,240 hours of specified training, completed within 5 years after the apprentice’s first registration with the Department. Each credit hour earned at a board-approved school of opticianry shall count as 86.67 apprenticeship hours.
    • A sponsor may only supervise 2 Apprentices at any given time.
    • An Apprentice may have 2 sponsors, a primary and a secondary sponsor, and may only work at the location(s) specified on the application.
    • The primary sponsor shall be responsible for the completion, filing, signature, and verification of the Apprenticeship Sponsor Attestation Form to the department within six months of the apprentice's completion of the program.
    • If an Apprentice terminates apprenticeship with a sponsor or the sponsor is no longer providing training to an apprentice, the sponsor shall submit a completed Apprenticeship Sponsor Attestation Form to the department within 30 days from the date of termination.
    • Sponsors are required to keep copies of all apprentice records for a period of 6 years or one year subsequent to the date the apprentice is licensed as an optician, and pursuant to Chapter 64B12-16.009, F.A.C., the sponsor shall provide copies of the apprentice’s time records to the Board, upon request.

    This page is intended to be a summary only of the requirements for an apprentice optician.  For complete details, see Administrative Code 64B12-Chapter 16 Apprenticeship

    Administrative Code 64B12-Chapter 16 Apprenticeship

    Upcoming Apprentice Training & Education

    Online Opticianry Degree Available

    Hillsborough Community College Opticianry Program developed a form of "distance learning" education for Opticianry students. The program has created a viable option for those who can not attend "on-campus" classes. Since its inception in 2000, the on-line section of Opticianry students has grown rapidly every year and is at the forefront of on-line education for Ophthalmic Dispensing.

    The On-line Program provides students with streaming video lectures, text lectures, and "course packs" to supplement the required textbooks.

    Learn more at

     HCC Opticianry Program

    All licensees are responsible for knowing the laws and rules that regulate their profession. 

    The laws in Chapter 484,Part I, Florida Statutes (F.S.), are directly related to the profession of Opticianry, and Chapter 456, F.S., governs all health care professions licensed by the Department of Health. 

    Rule Chapter 64B12, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), contains the rules that govern the profession of Opticianry. 

    Rule Chapter 64B29, F.A.C., contains the rules that govern optical establishments. 

    This page is intended to be a summary only of the requirements for Florida licensure.  For complete details, go the Board of Opticianry's website.

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