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NCLE Examination Review Course

Instructor: TBD


8:30am -12:00pm:  Review Topic

12:00pm -1:00pm: Lunch on your own

1:00pm -3:30pm: Review Topic

This course will prepare the candidate for the NCLE Basic examination.

Topics will include:

Domain I -

  • Ocular Anatomy,Physiology and Pathology of the eye as it pertains to contact lens wear and

Domain II -

  • Refractive errors regarding ametropias and optical conditions related to contact lenses.

Domain III -

  • Pre-fitting techniques will be discussed to evaluate the relationship between the corneal readings and the refractive error to identify the possible need for specialty materials and designs.

Domain V and VI –

  • Will discuss the diagnostic fitting and dispensing of both soft and rigid lenses, including aftercare, wearing schedules and patient hygiene.
  • This Domain will also include the use of instruments, tests and evaluation procedures.

Domain VII –

  • Will discuss follow-up and problem solving protocol as it relates to normal and abnormal symptoms and

Domain VIII –

  • Will discuss the legal aspects of contact lenses and tolerance standards utilized in contact lens fitting.

ABO Examination Review Course

Instructor: TBD


8:30am -12:00: Review Topic

12:00pm -1:00pm: Lunch on your own

1:00pm -3:30pm: Review Topic

The review course covers the core areas of knowledge to assist in preparation for the ABO Exam.  Topics reviewed include:

I. Ophthalmic Optics

  • Terminology
  • Lens characteristics, powers and formulas
  • Multifocals
  • Lens Materials
  • Prism

II. Ocular Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

  • Structure of the eye and function
  • Refractive errors

III. Ophthalmic Products

  • Lenses & Frames
  • Applying produce Knowledge
  • Verifying frame and lens parameters

IV. Instrumentation

  • Use of lens power devices
  • Select ophthalmic tool, instruments, and equipment
  • Use and maintain ophthalmic tool, instruments, and equipment

V. Dispensing Procedure

  • Visual needs for lifestyle and occupational activities
  • Fitting, adjusting, measuring, and verification

VI. Laws, Regulations, and Standards

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 POF and all other exam review courses can only be a part of a comprehensive study program. Successful exam candidates have used these POF exam review courses to answer questions and solidify knowledge gained by studying the recommended materials in advance of the reviews and exams. Both ABO & NCLE exams cover vast areas of knowledge from years of experience. We strongly recommend that you use this review course in conjunction with adequate individual study of quality review materials. POF’s recommended study guides for both the ABO and NCLE exams are available on the POF MarketPlace of this website.

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