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Professional Opticians of Florida has partnered with imatters! You now have access to an expanded job board. interviewing and management content, additional discounts and more for POF members.   Positions are listed for 60 days. To post a position, go to the POF Payment Gateway and login or create an account.

Questions? Please Contact Us.

Standard rate for Marketplace listings are $95 for 60 days and are Free to POF members posting their own store openings. Listings by third party firms (placement & staffing firms) are at the standard rate.


Career Portal

POF wants you to find the right position for you, with our Career Marketplace Portal to other optical career sites to help in your search.

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Coupon Codes:

POF19 is the free basic posting to imatters job board for POF Members

POF95 is the $95 basic posting for non members

POF10 is for 10% off all advertising upgrades and add-ons.

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